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Find the Top Attractions near American Motor Inn - Rock Island, Rock Island

Looking for top attractions in Rock Island around the American Motor Inn - Rock Island, but not sure where to start? From Black Hawk State Historic Site to that make this property preferred choice for guest visiting these attractions.

Discover the best sights and activities close to American Motor Inn - Rock Island with this top attractions list!

Black Hawk State Historic Site

0.48 miles away

Black Hawk State Historic Site, located on Rock Island in the state of Illinois, is a site rich in Native American history and culture. The site was once home to the Sauk and Meskwaki peoples, who were forcibly removed from their land in the 1830s. The site includes a museum with exhibits on the history and culture of the Native Americans who lived here, as well as a reconstructed Native American village. Visitors can also take part in traditional Native American activities such as drumming, dance, and storytelling.

Hauberg Museum

0.65 miles away

The Hauberg Museum is located in Rock Island, Illinois. The museum is dedicated to the history and culture of the Native American people who lived in the area now known as the Quad Cities. The museum houses a collection of artifacts that date back to the early 1800s. The Hauberg Museum is open to the public from Monday through Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm, and Saturday 10:00am to 3:00pm. Admission to the museum is free.

The District

2.92 miles away

The District Rock Island, located in the heart of downtown Rock Island, is a must-see for any visitor to the Quad Cities. This vibrant and historic district is home to a variety of businesses, attractions, and events, making it the perfect place to spend a day or two.

Some of the highlights of the District Rock Island include:

The Rock Island Courthouse - The Rock Island Courthouse, built in 1884, is one of the most iconic buildings in the Quad Cities. It is currently home to the Rock Island County History Museum, which houses a wealth of artifacts and exhibits detailing the history of the Quad Cities.

The Augustana College campus - Augustana College, located in the District Rock Island, is a private liberal arts college affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The beautiful campus is home to a variety of academic programs, as well as a number of athletic facilities and cultural resources.

The Quad City Botanical Center - The Quad City Botanical Center, located on the banks of the Mississippi River, is a must-see for any nature lover. The center features a variety of gardens, including an arboretum, as well as a greenhouse and butterfly house.

Whether you're looking to explore history, enjoy some nature, or do some shopping and dining, the District Rock Island has something for everyone!

Augustana's Fryxell Geology Museum

2.98 miles away

The Augustana Fryxell Geology Museum, located on the campus of Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, is a great place to learn about the earth and its many wonders. The museum houses an impressive collection of rocks and minerals, as well as fossils from all over the world. Visitors can view exhibits on various topics such as dinosaurs, volcanoes, and the formation of the Grand Canyon. The museum also offers a variety of educational programs for all ages. Whether you are a geology enthusiast or just looking to learn more about our amazing planet, the Augustana Fryxell Geology Museum is sure to please.

Schwiebert Riverfront Park

3.06 miles away

Schwiebert Riverfront Park is one of the most scenic and popular parks in Rock Island. The park offers stunning views of the Mississippi River and is a great place to relax, take a walk, or have a picnic.

The park also has a playground, baseball fields, and a fishing pier. Schwiebert Riverfront Park is a great place to spend a day with family and friends.

Figge Art Museum

3.60 miles away

The Figge Art Museum in Rock Island, Illinois is an art museum that contains a collection of art from around the world. The museum also has a variety of exhibitions that rotate throughout the year. The Figge Art Museum is a great place to learn about art and culture, and it is also a great place to take in some beautiful artwork.

Quarters One

4.11 miles away

Located in the heart of downtown Rock Island, Quarters One is a luxury apartment complex that offers stunning views of the cityscape. Featuring one and two bedroom floor plans, each unit is complete with high-end finishes and amenities. Residents can enjoy access to an on-site fitness center, rooftop pool and lounge, and 24-hour concierge service. With its convenient location and luxurious features, Quarters One is the perfect place to call home.

Putnam Museum and Science Center

4.40 miles away

The Putnam Museum and Science Center in Rock Island, Illinois is a must-see for anyone interested in science or history. The museum has something for everyone, with exhibits on topics ranging from dinosaurs to the Civil War.

The Putnam Museum is home to one of the largest collections of fossils in the Midwest. The museum's dinosaur exhibit is a favorite among visitors, with life-size replicas of some of the most popular dinosaurs. The exhibit also features interactive games and activities that teach visitors about these fascinating creatures.

The Civil War exhibit at the Putnam Museum is one of the most comprehensive in the country. The exhibit tells the story of the conflict from both the Union and Confederate perspectives. Visitors can see authentic artifacts from the war, as well as learn about the people who fought in it.

The Putnam Museum also has an excellent planetarium, which offers shows on a variety of astronomical topics. The planetarium's dome-shaped theater allows visitors to get an up-close look at the stars and planets.

Whether you're interested in science or history, the Putnam Museum and Science Center is sure to have something that will interest you. Plan a visit today to learn more about our world and our place in it.

The American Motor Inn - Rock Island is an excellent, budget-friendly accommodation that provides easy access to the city's most sought after attractions; book this Rock Island hotel today!

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